Thursday, 12 March 2015

A typical day during wedding season - by bridal accessories designer Victoria Fergusson

We're thrilled to be welcoming bridal accessories designer and make up artist Victoria Fergusson to the Bridal Bazaar at Winchester Guildhall on 29 March.

We caught up with her recently, to find out what a typical day during wedding season looks like for her...

Fuelled by tea and toast I take the very short commute from my kitchen to my home studio,
which is a lovely bright room with doors that open out onto the garden.

I’m a compulsive list maker and the first thing I do is take a look through the notes of to-do’s
I scribbled the previous day, I’ll probably add more jobs! Email is checked and anything
pressing is dealt with, but rather than get distracted by too much admin I like to get beading.
I’ll either continue with an order that requires finishing or start on something new in the
order book. I can happily bead uninterrupted for hours, and this is how I really love to spend
my time, but there’s always that to-do list demanding my attention too.

After a short break for lunch I will aim to tick a few things off my list…. Such as ordering stock of crystals from Swarovski and freshwater pearls from my suppliers, washing my make-up brushes in
preparation for the weekends wedding, and packaging up orders ready for posting.

By now my dog Bonington is looking at me accusingly, so I’ll head out for a walk with him. I
find I have some of my best creative ideas when we’re out walking. Things will start to
combine in my head, elements of the projects I’ve been working on together with thoughts
of new crystals I couldn’t resist ordering from Swarovski! By the time we get back from
my walk I’m reaching for my sketch book to scribble ideas for new designs.

I’ll squeeze in more beading and admin before heading to the post office with parcels that
will wing their way to their respective brides and bridal boutiques.

Lastly, I’ll take a look through my diary and check what’s coming up over the next few days;
accessory appointments, make-up and hair consultations, weddings….  All the while adding
things to my to-do list!

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  1. Wow, all these bridal accessories are so pretty!! I am in love with the last one. Please share the link to buy this one for my fairy wedding that I am going to have at most suitable fairy themed Chicago venues!