Thursday, 26 March 2015

A day in wedding season by videographer Irene Piera

Continuing with our 'wedding season snapshots' series, we caught up with videographer Irene Piera to find out what a typical day in wedding season looks like for her...

The morning of the wedding is all about prep so I usually head over to film the bridal party while my partner in crime focuses on the boys. This is one of my favourite parts of the day, as I can always feel so much happiness and emotion in one room. I get to meet close family and friends and share such an intimate part of the day with them - it's through these moments that I truly get to know my couples and their relationship which helps shape my films into unique stories.
Once prep is over it's all go! Getting to the ceremony, introducing myself to the vicar or registrar and finding a good position to capture the entrance as well as the vows. The entrance is such a beautiful moment to watch back on video. I'm sure any married couples would agree that there's nothing quite like that moment when you see your other half at the other end of the aisle for the first time. I get goosebumps at every ceremony without fail! Once the ceremony is over it's time for confetti and filming of the guests congratulating and greeting the newlyweds.

Natalie & Martin:

Each reception is completely different but there's always mingling to be done so when the drinks and nibbles start flowing I love becoming a fly on the wall to capture so many different conversations and laughs. This is also the perfect time to film the table arrangements and all the lovely details as well as assessing where I can position myself to film those all important speeches. The guests are then seated and by this point I'm ready to film the bride and groom's entrance as they receive a roaring welcome from their loved ones. I then give my camera a rest and have something to eat before it's time to check sound levels in preparation for the speeches.  

Megan & Tom:

Shortly after, champagne glasses are filled and the speeches are announced. When there's two of us, we film from completely different angles to capture the speech and as many guest reactions as possible. It's amazing how quickly these go so we know how important it is for our couples to remember what was said as they are always such a meaningful part of the day.
After the speeches I usually whisk the couple away for a short time to capture some relaxed shots around the venue. I'm a hopeless romantinc so I love capturing these moments as they have the opportunity to take five minutes to chat and be excited together. Once finished, I quickly get everything ready to film the cutting of the cake and the first dance. These two parts always go in a flash and it's straight to the dancing, fun and partying. The perfect way to end an epic day!
Fiona & Rory:

 Make sure you visit Irene's stand at the Bridal Bazaar, Winchester Guildhall, 29 March, 11am-2pm!


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