Thursday, 18 September 2014

Doris the vintage VW Camper Van joins us at Wiltshire Bridal Boot Sale!

We have a wonderful new the shape of a split screen VW Camper Van named Doris! You can come along to meet her at the next Wiltshire Bridal Boot Sale on Sunday 28th September at The Manor Barn.

To give you the vital statistics, she comfortably seats up to 6 people, has custom curved seating and white and champagne two tone colouring.

 photo 10577189_268098970054779_6583660790951275172_n_zps7c74f36c.jpg
(Image courtesy of Duncan on Doris Days Out Facebook page).

We spoke to her owner Lisa to help us get to know Doris even better...

Can you tell us a little more about Doris?

Doris is a 1964 split screen Camper Van. She has taken two years to evolve from a rusty hand painted relic and now has a one off custom built interior!

Where did your business all begin?

Doris Days Out followed Noris Nuptials, which was a 1973 bay window camper. It had funny picture postcard art work. Doris is now the only one and a vintage classic.

 photo 10592918_263494923848517_8192285036982322976_n_zpsa823d2fa.jpg

What makes Doris the perfect wedding transport?

Doris has two entrances, one on each side, great for brides who have either a few bridesmaids or a lovely full wedding gown. Rest assured, you will make an entrance in Doris! She even features a super comfortable love seat and champagne on ice for the bride and groom.

 photo photo3_zpsa031f957.jpg

Could you tell us a bit about a fab wedding you've worked on? What was it like?

There have been some very memorable ones. One that comes to mind is when we delivered a groom, best man and friends to the Breamore House. Awaiting was a fabulous vintage fair styled reception. They had candy floss, mopeds, croquet on the lawn, skittles and hook the duck to name a few! Tea cups were hung on string from the rafters and hessian bows were tied on the chair backs.

To follow Doris' adventures, follow her on Facebook now!

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