Sunday, 21 September 2014

Award winning wedding videographer, Irene Piera, returns to Wiltshire Bridal Boot Sale!

Our favourite wedding videographer, Irene Piera, returns to meet all of our lovely brides-to-be at the the next Wiltshire Bridal Boot Sale on Sunday 28th September at The Manor Barn.

We stole a few minutes of Irene's precious editing time for her to explain why she thinks wedding films are just so magically special.

Over to you Irene!

It's been a busy and fun packed summer and I've been lucky enough to shoot the most amazing weddings. The venues have ranged from a stunning coastline location to the coolest of barns in the gorgeous countryside. Every single one has been completely unique, which not only allows me to get creative in many different ways but also makes my job pretty exciting!

As a videographer, I get the opportunity to experience one of the most important days of my couples lives with them. I see the nerves in the morning, the emotion when the bride walks down the aisle, the tears and laughter during the speeches... and I have the absolute pleasure of capturing them. I recently went through my parents photos when I travelled over to my hometown in Spain and it's amazing how differently I looked at them now I'm a videographer. I sat there with a smile from ear to ear, looking at things like my mum's dress and hair do, my dad's suit and how in love they looked. So then I thought about what their film would have been like if they had one and it made me realise how much I would value watching their morning preparations or what the people who aren't and are still with us did on the day.

For some couples the idea of video sounds daunting. Many of my bride and grooms mention camera shyness when they first enquire and I've been asked a few times if I have any advice on this. I always really appreciate the honesty from my couples because, although I work with cameras, I'm not so good at being in front of one myself. I can totally relate to this feeling and on a huge day like your wedding, I know the last thing I want is for my couples to worry about a camera. With time I've learnt that the most beautiful part of filming is letting things unfold naturally and capturing them as they happen. On the day, couples have so many things to think about that my camera tends to be forgotten as soon as the day starts. Just think about all the effort and time that goes into planning a wedding and how much you look forward to it. Then think how special it would be to be able to watch the unseen moments that flew by or even moments that you remember but just want to play over and over again like you would with your favourite song. I love that I get to experience those special parts of the day that are always individual and completely different each time. 

Many of my couples have written their own vows, some have rehearsed a surprise dance for their guests and once I filmed an epic cake that featured a little Elvis cake topper. Seeing all the different elements of a wedding come together really is quite something and I'm sure any newly-weds would agree. The variety of locations and moments that I've captured have blown me away. So much that you'll often find me tearing up while I film a ceremony. I know... I just can't help myself! 

If you're considering having your day filmed or you're not sure whether this would be for you, pop over to the Bridal Boot Sale on Sunday 28th September and come say hello. I would love to meet you to chat about your day and answer any questions you might have. Hopefully see you there!

We will indeed see you there Irene! To see more examples of Irene's work, follow her on Facebook or have a browse through her wonderful website.

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