Monday, 5 May 2014

Top Tips for Great Wedding Photography by Angela Ward-Brown

The work of Angela Ward-Brown never ceases to amaze us. We could look through oodles of her dreamy wedding photographs all day every day, which is why we are over the moon that she will be joining us again on Sunday 8th June at Manor Barn, Wiltshire.

Angela has given us her expert advice to share with you all, enjoy and take note! Over to you Ange...

Getting the most out of your wedding photography 

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So, you’ve sorted your wedding photography. You’ve booked photographer who suits you, whose portfolio you love, who gets what you want for your images, and you’ve batted away the offers of free photography from that cousin of yours who has a good camera and takes nice pictures of cars (you are NOT a car. It’s a whole different ball game. In the same way I can’t make a Claire Pettibone gown because I have some really awesome & expensive needles, and once made a pillowcase). So what else can you do to make sure you get the most out of your investment? If you have chosen well, your photographer should have the experience, knowledge & skills to pull some great images out of pretty much any environment, but here are a few simple tips that can really help ensure they have the best scope possible for getting some kick-ass images for you.

-Think about timings. Scheduling a candlelit wedding at 5pm in January will look beautiful, but might really restrict the kind of images your photographer is able to provide after the ceremony. Also if you wish to have group shots, make sure you choose a small enough number so that your photographer can still get those candids you loved so much in their portfolio.

- Give your photographer time to do what they do best - work pockets of calm & quiet during the day where you can go away and take some of those gorgeous romantic images you have seen. If its a sunny day, that might mean doing some shots after dinner when the light is prettiest.

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- Remember that your photographer might be working 12+ hours and will need a couple of breaks to recharge & be fed in order to be working at optimum for you. This might also need to be a time to download cards and prepare for the evening, so try & avoid splitting up your speeches and scattering them between meals (as sod’s law means this will coincide exactly when your photographers meal is served!).

- When planning things like table positions, remember that your photographer will need to move between tables during the speeches etc, give them room to do this. Also think about not putting the top table (or cake table etc.) in front of unattractive things like fire exit signs, DJ Booths or curtains.

- Try & stick to agreed schedules where possible - the first dance overrunning by an hour can be a bit of a nightmare for your tired photographer (and venue staff!).

But overall? Pick the right photographer for you and then trust them to work their magic - your job is only to have the the best day ever…

...Hop, skip and jump on over to Angela's Facebook page now to see more of her amazing portfolio.

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