Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Introducing Regent Tailoring - Made to Measure Bespoke Tailors based in Salisbury

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We are elated to welcome Regent Tailoring to the beautiful Penton Park this Sunday 18th May and you will find them and some seamless examples of their work in the all new Groom Zone! Yes that’s right, an area dedicated to those very important husbands to be!

A great suit can say a lot and we couldn’t agree more. The last few years have seen wedding guests not only shriek ‘I can’t wait to see the dress’ but also ‘I can’t wait to see the suit.’

Fortunately with talents such as Regent Tailoring, grooms can be guided through a number of choices from the fit, the finish and even down to the buttons! Whether it is a classic morning suit, a vintage inspired ensemble in tweed or a suit with a little panache that you are looking for, Regent will be on hand to help create the look you are after for your wedding day.

Modern Grooms are looking for tailoring that exudes their personality and the theme of their special day. We fully support this! You wouldn’t want a tweed cladded country gent caught up in a super slick city wedding now would you?!

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Jason Regent founded his eponymous brand in 2006. Since then, he has taken a lot of inspiration from his grandfather, Frank, who was butler to the author of the James Bond novels. A man of great character but moderate means, Frank emulated the traditions of high English fashion that he saw around him, but always added a roguish panache of his own.

With nearly a decade of experience, you can be assured that you are in some of the best hands in the tailoring world when you visit the team in Salisbury. A great suit is an investment and what more could a Bride wish for than to see her Groom standing at the alter looking as handsome as ever in his new threads.

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Please leave the Regent Team some love and a warm welcome to the Hampshire Bridal Boot Sale. You can find their Facebook page here!

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