Monday, 26 May 2014

Vintage Tea Room at Wiltshire Bridal Boot Sale - Introducing Wedding and Event Caterers, Taste

We are delighted to announce that Taste Catering will be hosting our Vintage Tea Room on Sunday 8th June at The Manor Barn from 11am to 2pm.

Led by Emma Way, Taste Catering are committed to providing you with fabulous food, talked about long after your guests have gone.

 photo MOT73_zpsad702693.jpg

Everything Taste offers is freshly made using excellent locally supplied ingredients. They take immense care to ensure the highest standard of food and service, with efficient organisation and attention to detail. Taste have a highly flexible approach and will work closely with you to deliver the right solution for your Wedding or Event.

As well as offering delicious three course wedding breakfasts, they also cater for traditional afternoon teas. Their popular vintage teas include delicate and dainty sandwiches with delicious fillings accompanied by the lightest of homemade sponges and small cakes, the most beautiful sweet pastries and meringues and the plumpest scones with decadent dollops of clotted cream and locally produced jams. Just how we like it!

To complete the vintage theme, Taste offers the finest quality vintage English bone china for hire. The gorgeous collection of vintage china will add elegance and charm, providing a lasting impression of your day.

 photo MOT64_zpsd3169813.jpg

There you have it, a beautiful combination of vintage china teamed with sumptuous catering to create that quintessentially English affair.

So what are you waiting for?! Head over to the Taste Catering Facebook page and website now to find out more!

Friday, 16 May 2014

Introducing Olea Flowers & Event Design

 photo 1185670_416132725157992_1099988828_n_zpsef6bcfae.jpg

For our Penton Park sale we've been lucky enough to partner with the lovely Charlie from Olea Flowers and Event Design. Olea offers bespoke services in the UK and abroad, from beach weddings in Florida to a hill top wedding in Italy, with their expert team developing the look and feel of your event venue. Large or small, from a vintage theme in a barn, to an elegant classic style in a country house they work closely with couples, venues and other suppliers to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Keep your eyes peeled around the exquisite reception rooms at Penton Park for Charlie's work and make sure you stop by our 'Inspiration Station' where we've worked together to show you some top wedding and bridal trends for the coming year.

 photo 1476248_448333078604623_1167949069_n_zpscc4344b3.jpg  photo 542419_254358898002043_764493551_n_zps70f64087.jpg

HBBS Favourite: Smallpiece Catering


Hampshire Bridal Boot Sale regulars, Smallpiece Catering will be back on this Sunday (18 May) at Penton Park, setting up their pop up tea rooms once again, full to the brim with treats, and refreshments, providing that all important pip stop for you to ponder your purchases over.

As well as being our go to tea room supplier, the lovely Ann and Gemma provide the most stunning event catering…something we have experience of first hand…the mother and daughter team provided the divine food at our very own Sarah’s wedding in 2013. They work hard to create bespoke menus for all of their bride and grooms, everything from the traditional wedding breakfast, to a delicious BBQ in the sunshine.

2014 is an exciting time for Smallpiece Catering…they have just moved into their new premises which not only houses their kitchen, but a very special tasting area for bride and grooms to be.

Be sure to stop by and meet Ann, Gemma and the Smallpiece team, grab a cup of tea and a cake, and speak to them about how they can make your event food really special!

Photographs by Angela Ward-Brown

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Introducing Mayflower Marquees

 photo HCR1_zps888591e1.jpg

At the Hampshire Bridal Boot Sale we pride ourselves on working with great local suppliers. One of the best things about our event is seeing these suppliers in action, that hopefully gives our visiting brides and grooms an idea of the look and atmosphere that they could achieve on their own, very special big day.

Mayflower Marquees is a dependable, family based company providing services throughout Southern England. Be sure to check out the garden at Penton Park this Sunday, where one of Mayflower’s fab marquees will be in situ.

Centrally based in Wiltshire, they supply marquees and event equipment for all types of occasions.  Your special day is as important to the team as it is to you and they appoint a personal event manager who can help you realise your dream day. The team can also advise on the all important furniture and lighting as well as recommending other complementary suppliers.

 photo Chillouttent_zps8448136a.jpeg  photo Middlewallop3_zpsf1f2a5a6.jpg

Fab Tips on Bridal Prep from Wedding Photographer Lydia Stamps

 photo JD0188_zpsc0a1e12e.jpg

Award-winning wedding photographer Lydia Stamps will be joining us again at HBBS at Penton Park, here she shares her top tips for your wedding morning...

Hello I’m Lydia of Lydia Stamps Photography. I wanted to just give you a few simple tips to help you work with your photographer to get brilliant photographs and I’ve chosen to focus on a part of the day which often goes forgotten- the wedding morning.

Bridal preparations are one of my favourite parts of the wedding day. It’s the amazing transformation, all the excitement and nerves of looking forward to the day ahead, it’s a time for reflection when you can be relaxed and enjoy starting the day slowly before the madness sweeps you away and all those gorgeous details you’ve bought to together, the shoes, the dress, the flowers! I love it.

I shoot weddings every weekend through the summer so as you can imagine I’ve been to my fair share of weddings, and experienced a wedding morning a fair few times. This has given me a fair amount of experience of things which help make the morning run smoothly and calmly rather than becoming hectic and stressful. Of course in the run up you’re so busy thinking about the catering, the décor and the rest of the day, that it’s easy to forget about the morning and the preparations until the day arrives; but planning this part of the day is just as important as planning the rest of it it’ll set your tone and you should start as you mean to go on. So I’m going to share some simple tips I give to my brides to ensure the morning runs smoothly and stress free and to ensure I can get beautiful bridal prep shots for my couples to enjoy for decades to come.

 photo CC089_zps9e3776b6.jpg  photo EampW074_zps5e5dfa7b.jpg

Whoever you book to shoot your wedding at some point you’ll need to go through the timings of the day with them. My photography packages include a pre wedding consultation or engagement shoot and at this time I take the opportunity to talk to my couples about the detailed timings of the day from this I draw up a schedule to work of through out the wedding. The bridal preparations need to be carefully timed to avoid delaying the ceremony. I did one wedding where hair and make up was still going on when the bride was meant to be walking down the aisle! Clear communication is essential between you and your hair and or/make up artists if you’re having them, especially if you’re asking them to do more than one of you. Ensure you’ve left enough time for everyone’s hair and make up if there is only one person doing each person and bear in mind that if your photographer does not have an assistant they will need to leave your bridal prep location with enough time to travel to the ceremony venue, get set up and shoot the guests arriving (usually around half an hour). For this reason if where you’re getting ready is some distance from the ceremony venue you might want to add a second photographer to your photography package.

You’ll find though that the time does go quickly and you might be pleased to have 20 minutes or so to just be dressed, with your family and friends enjoying the moment and having a glass of champagne and taking the odd selfie rather than leaving it right down the wire. This will help keep you calm. Make sure you factor in time for a good breakfast. Wedding breakfasts are often at a strange time which can mean skipping lunch and it’s highly likely that there will be lots of drinking for the rest of the day. Eating a good breakfast will also help to ease the butterflies in your nervous tummy.

 photo CG050_zpsec1d0443.jpg

Choose your bridal preparation location carefully. If your childhood bedroom is a box room with one small window it may not result in the best photographs. Light is a key factor in getting the best possible images so choose somewhere with lots of natural light, preferably where you can keep the curtains open. Also consider how many people will be with you on the day, and make sure you include your make up artist and/or hairstylist and photographer. You may find your lounge is most suitable and remember a spacious room will keep you cooler, calmer and allow more room for manoeuvre. All these people in one room will make for a lot of clutter, which really, really shows up on film. It might not look messy on the day, but the eye is always drawn to clutter in images. Ask one or two bridesmaids to just tidy up as the morning goes along. Often I find myself moving bits and pieces around, if your photographer does this they’re aiming to get a beautiful clean fresh shot, free of the debris of bridal preparations.

 photo JD0116_zpsac0b3c4c.jpg

After I’ve arrived at the prep location and said hello to everyone the dress shot is my first port of call.

   photo CC097_zps2be7341a.jpg

Hangers are important...
Consider what hanger your dress is on, and what hangers your bridesmaid’s dresses are on. It may seem obvious but the hanger you place your dress on can either really set it off, or let it down. It’s something you might not think about in the days running up to your wedding when you have a million and one other thoughts in your mind, but trust me, you’ll really notice the hanger when you look back on the photographs of the dress you spent weeks or even months hunting for; and as often a large proportion of the budget goes on the dress taking that extra bit of care in the display will make all the difference. There are a myriad of options for beautiful dress enhancing hangers out there, the classic white silk, or quirky personalised hangers, or you could choose a colour which ties into your colour scheme. One of my brides used a beautiful hanger covered in vintage style fabric, another had a hanger shaped like a cat which really brought personality to the photographs. And remember if your bridesmaid’s dresses will also be photographed to put them on matching hangers where possible, as you can see in the shot below it would have just finished it off nicely!

 photo NG119_zps6c9ab0af.jpg

Get it outside...
If the bridal preparations are taking place in a room with limited natural light or if it’s dark your photographer may want to take your dress outside. I love juxtaposing wedding dresses with nature, and you get the most beautiful light this way. Trust your photographer and their creativity and let their imagination run wild. If your photographer asks you for something, it’s because they want to get the very best photographs for you. I always take the utmost care when moving dresses, as I remember just how careful I was with my own dress!

 photo SB017_zps92bb309a.jpg

Add a Personal Detail. One of my brides last year stitched her, and her husband’s initials inside her dress in blue thread. It was her ‘something blue’ and added such a sweet personal detail to the dress.

 photo NR026_zps6c274b51.jpg

So, you’ve got the perfect dress hanging in the wardrobe, but there are a significant amount of photos before the dress actually goes on. Remember that you will most likely want to share these photographs with friends and family in your wedding album so have a think about what you’d like to wear on the morning. It’s a totally personal decision but if you’d feel uncomfortable someone seeing a photo of you in your sweats or a vest top then avoid it. Again this probably sounds obvious but you’ll be so busy in the run up it’s easy to forget these last details which make a difference after the wedding. I’d advise something wrap around like a dressing gown or pyjamas with a shirt style top which unbuttons so you don’t have to lift a hoodie or t-shirt over your freshly done hear and make up.

 photo EampW143_zps35d8923c.jpg

Time is always of the essence on a wedding day. Have all the little details you’d like to have photographed gathered together in one easy to locate place. This will allow your photographer to just arrive and get straight on with setting up those beautiful still lives of the bridal preparation details without bothering you in the middle of what could be a frantic morning! Things to include in this little collection might be: jewellery, shoes, garter, engagement ring, perfume, and of course the flowers. Remember to tell your photographer if there are any items of significance so they can make sure they have a brilliant shot of your grandmother’s brooch, your something borrowed or what ever it might be!

These items don’t just have to be things you’re going to wear, one bride of mine was given a beautiful Smythson wedding planning book by her girlfriends which I photographed; and gifts or a card from the groom or parents are always lovely too. Another couple who had a movie themed wedding had an old fashioned style movie clacket board which was photographed at each of the significant parts of the day in various locations which was really fun, and a good through line when you see the full story the photographs tell.

 photo GR020_zpsb2a7e5a7.jpg  photo JD0131_zps0314af18.jpg

What usually happens on most wedding mornings is the day starts of perfectly calm and serene, and as the clock ticks towards ‘dress on time’, the time gets tighter and the nerves start to fray. To avoid this share your schedule with all your family and those who will be there with you in the morning so they can keep things running to time.

I always advise that your bridesmaids and family should all be dressed before you, in order to enhance the photographs of the dress going on. I do have a photograph of a bride having her corset laced by a bridesmaid in a hoody which would have been a perfect shot if she had been dressed in her bridesmaid’s dress, which had been carefully chosen by the bride for the purpose of photographs. So remember to share your schedule with your bridesmaids and family on the morning so they know when they need to be dressed too. Always remember to factor in extra time for dresses with corsets which need lacing or lots of buttons, allow around half an hour for these- they always take longer than expected! If there is time once the dress is on, I like to do a few relaxed shots of the bride with her parents and bridesmaids so telling everyone- including your folks to be ready by this time so you can make the most of that time.

 photo NG207_zps9d6aac0d.jpg

Most importantly, if all else fails and all these tips go out the window just remember to try and relax and enjoy it. Breathe in every moment as it will fly by, enjoy having your very best friends around you and the photographs will reflect your happiness.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

What to expect at Sunday's HBBS plus, a not-to-be-missed wedding package from Penton Park!

 photo may14_crop_zpsad912bf8.jpg

Be sure to stop by the Hampshire Bridal Boot Sale this Sunday from 11am at Penton Park! Read on to find out all about the fab brides and suppliers we’ll have in attendance (and guess what grooms, we’ve even got a treat in-store for you)…

Penton Park are also offering the most amazing wedding package for brides who book during, or as a result of the Hampshire Bridal Boot Sale. Let us tell you, this is not to be missed!

The all-inclusive wedding reception package for up to 60 day guests and 120 evening guests includes:
  • Exclusive use of Penton Park house and grounds
  • Penton Park wedding co-ordinator to plan your day
  • 3 course wedding breakfast for your day guests
  • A fully stocked pay for bar, set up and run for you throughout your day
  • Drinks package for your day guests, to include a glass of Prosecco on arrival, 1/2 bottle of wine per guest on the table, glass of Prosecco for the toast plus still and sparkling water on the tables.
  • Buffet for your evening guests
  • Chair Covers with sash colour of your choice
  • Complimentary heel protectors for your guests on arrival
  • Flowers included and created by Olea Design (including 6 centre pieces, brides bouquet, 2 bridesmaids bouquets and 5 button holes)
Total package price of £9,000 including VAT - this is in excess of 25% off of the usual price for this package and is applicable for any wedding booking made within one month of the Bridal Boot Sale, with a reception date up to and including the 31st May 2015.

Alongside our newly-weds, who have recently had the most beautiful weddings that you won’t be able to resist a pre-loved item or two, we have some fabulous local suppliers ready with great ideas, advice and the perfect finishing touches for your big day. From bunting to vases, crockery and bridal accessories, you’ll find it all at HBBS.

Brides of Winchester will be hosting their sample sale from 12.30 (find our more here), with wedding dresses, shoes and accessories at prices that we think might just induce a happy tear or two! Alongside their exquisite showcase, their expert seamstress will also be on hand to advise on sizing and alterations.

Our Inspiration Station will be back with great décor and style ideas for upcoming weddings and brides-to-be. Plus, we’re including the first ever ‘Groom Zone’ where Penton Park’s decadent snooker room will be transformed in to a gent’s haven with a little help from Regent Tailoring.

{Photos by Angela Ward-Brown & Lydia Stamps}

Great Wedding Decor & Gift Ideas from Kathleen Rose

 photo f_zps17c7fc9f.png

Kathleen Rose was created by Emma Macri-Waller in 2013 after her family encouraged her to take a step into selling her beloved creations.

So much has happened since then, but at the core she loves selling her products at fairs and shows around the UK, where she actually gets to meet with people face to face. For Emma the best part about selling at fairs and shows, is being able to really see and feel the enthusiasm and excitement when someone likes a product.

For the future, she is hoping that Kathleen Rose will go from strength to strength, while Matt (Emma's partner), hopes it will eventually move into a little studio instead of dominating the house, especially in the run up before a fair!

 photo fair_zpsa20efc7d.png

Emma shared the beginnings of Kathleen Rose with us recently, as well as sharing some fab ideas for wedding gifts. Don't miss Emma's stall at the next HBBS at Penton Park, this Sunday 18th May, 11-2!

How did Kathleen Rose begin?
I have always had a thrill at being able to find beautiful items that are otherwise homeless, forgotten or uncared for. Being able to take these neglected items and breathe a new lease of life into them, turning each one into a product which can become a treasured and loved part of someones' home. This is where my first product, Jelly Mould Candles, started and was the beginning of Kathleen Rose. But being a self-confessed crafter, my mind is never far away from a new creation and I decided to start adding to my collection on Kathleen Rose shortly after.

We love giving our brides wedding styling and decor ideas - how could they use Kathleen Rose products on their big day?
Currently being an excited bride to be, I (like so many others) want my wedding to be unique, where every detail has been carefully and thoughtfully chosen, not something that has been seen a 1,000 times over, not a "for all" box standard wedding but also within my budget! At Kathleen Rose you will find a beautiful selection of handmade wedding decor for your big day, as well as wedding favour ideas and items that will remind you of your special day all with a vintage touch and with the possibility of custom made orders to your specific requirements.

 photo fair_zps9b21d5aa.jpg

What's you're favourite wedding look/theme at the moment?
Of course its vintage all the way for me (did you guess?) with a load of romance and sparkle thrown in. I am in love with all the soft colours at the moment and I think fragrance is very important. Fragrances remind us of happy memories or moments in life, trying to combine this in your day like in your bouquet, floral arrangements or scented items are a must.

 photo fa_zpsb47702c0.png  photo fair_zps1d1ae098.jpg

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Introducing Regent Tailoring - Made to Measure Bespoke Tailors based in Salisbury

 photo toby_bennett-3897-C_pp_zps908497af.jpg

We are elated to welcome Regent Tailoring to the beautiful Penton Park this Sunday 18th May and you will find them and some seamless examples of their work in the all new Groom Zone! Yes that’s right, an area dedicated to those very important husbands to be!

A great suit can say a lot and we couldn’t agree more. The last few years have seen wedding guests not only shriek ‘I can’t wait to see the dress’ but also ‘I can’t wait to see the suit.’

Fortunately with talents such as Regent Tailoring, grooms can be guided through a number of choices from the fit, the finish and even down to the buttons! Whether it is a classic morning suit, a vintage inspired ensemble in tweed or a suit with a little panache that you are looking for, Regent will be on hand to help create the look you are after for your wedding day.

Modern Grooms are looking for tailoring that exudes their personality and the theme of their special day. We fully support this! You wouldn’t want a tweed cladded country gent caught up in a super slick city wedding now would you?!

 photo 1310_untitled_249_zps9e289426.jpg

Jason Regent founded his eponymous brand in 2006. Since then, he has taken a lot of inspiration from his grandfather, Frank, who was butler to the author of the James Bond novels. A man of great character but moderate means, Frank emulated the traditions of high English fashion that he saw around him, but always added a roguish panache of his own.

With nearly a decade of experience, you can be assured that you are in some of the best hands in the tailoring world when you visit the team in Salisbury. A great suit is an investment and what more could a Bride wish for than to see her Groom standing at the alter looking as handsome as ever in his new threads.

 photo 1310_untitled_309_zps8bcf8787.jpg

Please leave the Regent Team some love and a warm welcome to the Hampshire Bridal Boot Sale. You can find their Facebook page here!

 photo toby_bennett-3894-C_pp_zpsaaeb0ce5.jpg

Introducing The Pie Hole, Event Catering with a Difference

 photo 20140414_0952001_zps31b7d1be.jpg

Here at HBBS HQ we love our grub and most importantly, we love sharing unique catering ideas with our readers and sale visitors. We're thrilled that the utterly unique The Pie Hole will be joining us at Penton Park, next Sunday 18th May!

We caught up with owner Rob Cooper to find out what his new venture is all about....

"I previously worked for an events company, organising motor sport events around the UK and Europe. I used to see lots of catering vans serving cheap burgers and hot dogs at excruciatingly expensive prices; which despite the poor quality food being churned out, still had queues of 20-30 people.

I thought that if they can get that many sales with a bad product what could I do with a quality one... I've always been a keen home cook and an even bigger lover of pies so decided to marry the two together. Eventually I made my mind up and started The Pie Hole.

Using free range British meat and by sourcing our produce as locally as possible, we are able to make what we feel are some of the finest pies out there.

We currently have a range of five pies and a sausage roll:
'The Vibrant Cow' - Steak and Ale
'To Pie For' - Steak and Kidney
'Satispied' - Chicken, Ham and Mushroom
'The Porky Pig'- Pork, Apple and Cider
'The Pie Who Loved Me' - Mushroom, Goats Cheese, Sage and Rosemary
'This Little Piggy' - Sausage Roll

We're also able to create new flavours to meet any client's specific tastes or dietary needs. We can even produce pies made with gluten free flour. Our pies are all served from an Airstream style caravan, which provides not only a tasty but also visual treat for any wedding or event!"

Be sure to stop by for a taster (or indeed, lunch)!

 photo photo11_zps15c48af5.jpg

Monday, 12 May 2014

HBBS Favourite: Pretty Post Box

 photo HBBS0214LydiaStamps022crop_zpsb0d3162d.jpg

We simply love a traditional post box at a wedding - they're the perfect accompaniment to wedding reception décor and are practical too! Pretty Post Box have a large assortment of light weight fibre glass Post Boxes - in Victorian, Georgian and ER styles, all produced by using an original post box to obtain the mould and therefore are fantastic replicas.

 photo AlishasEventsPhotography-195_zpsce659639.jpg

The lovely ladies from Pretty Post Box and their sister brand Pretty Weddings will be at the next event at Penton Park on 18th May, ready to impart their expert advice on wedding style and décor. We recently caught up with Amanda from the brand to get her top tip for brides and grooms-to-be...

"When you decorate your wedding venue, think about using items that are practical and beautiful, for example a post box in your colour scheme will enhance the venue and provide a safe place for your guests to place their cards and small gifts. This is also budget friendly tip, for example a wishing tree is likely to create more decorative impact then a guest books but fulfil the same role."

 photo 78_zpsf57581c3.jpg

Photos by Alisha's Event Photography & Lydia Stamps.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Get Perfect Finishing Touches for your Big Day at the Hampshire Bridal Boot Sale!

 photo May14_zps24022ad8.jpg

From favours and gifts to bridal accessories; sartorial touches for the groom and his groomsmen, not to mention props and decorations galore - the Hampshire Bridal Boot Sale is here to ensure your big day looks just perfect.

Alongside our newly-weds selling on their own wedding items on 18th May from 11am, we have a host of top local suppliers ready to advice and equip you with all the vital finishing touches. (Photos from top left) Pretty Post Box will be in attendance with their huge array of reception decorations and accessories, whilst Brides of Winchester will be hosting a sample sale from 12.30 with wedding dresses and bridal accessories starting at just £50!!

From Peggy With Love will also be there with their hen kits - a complete party in a box if you will - from bunting to badges, invites and drinking straws, all in three super-fun themes. Regent Tailoring will also be on hand to advise on bespoke wedding attire not to mention super-stylish details that will set your nuptials apart from the rest. Kathleen Rose will also be there with her vintage candles and décor, plus our resident brides will have anything on offer from vases to crockery, fashion and more!

Don't miss the next event at Penton Park, Chalkcroft Lane, Penton Mewsey, Hampshire, SP11 0RD. Doors open 11-2, £2 entry.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Welcome to Penton Park, a beautiful wedding venue in North Hampshire & home to the next HBBS!

Penton Park, one of Hampshire's most sought after wedding venues, opened it's doors in 2010. Since then it has played host to many amazing weddings and on Sunday 18th May, the Hampshire Bridal Boot Sale will join forces with the Penton Park Team and we honestly can't wait! To find out more and to show you how special this family-run venue is, we caught a few moments with the lovely Danielle who is lucky enough to call Penton Park 'Home'.

 photo 299064_241296389261810_1227829971_n_zps19ee0a5c.jpg

Tell us a bit about Penton Park, your beautiful venue... we hear its got quite a history?
Penton Park has in it’s past been a private family home, a recuperation hospital in the War and also a private convent boarding school… since World War II we are the first family to live in the house, and having three generations all under one roof means it truly is a family home. In 2010 we renovated the house decorating throughout bringing it back to life, and showing off the beautiful interior to it’s absolute best.

 photo 969349_534526176605495_1890130732_n_zps04f30f00.jpg

Can you tell us about a favourite shindig or wedding you've had at Penton Park? 
Probably the favourite shindig was our 2013 Christmas ball – this is a grand affair open to the public and let’s just say it truly went off with a bang last year! Having sold out in 2 weeks everyone really made such an effort… the ladies gowns were huge and decorative, the gentleman were resplendent in black tie and even a few kilts! There was a 14 foot Christmas tree, wonderful canapes, lots of bubbly, 2 casino tables, the snooker table in full use, not to mention fabulous music, meaning everyone really let their hair down celebrating the imminent Christmas festivities! Whilst we absolutely love hosting weddings, it’s lovely on this one occasion in the year to have a chance to dance the night away with some of our friends and family amongst the guests.

What are you top three tips for brides-to-be planning their wedding? 
Pick a venue that makes your heart sing… if you love it your guests will too. Make sure your wedding co-ordinator helps take the stress away - that’s their job! If you get the relationship right you should know they will deliver the day you dreamed of, and all you have to do is worry about enjoying yourself! If you have a budget then be creative, for example having one ‘dive in’ desert on the table is far more economical than each guest being served their own plate, get seasonal on flowers it can save heaps (we allow brides to use Penton Park greenery for their decorations), and most importantly visit the HBBS for great tips and wonderful ideas!

What makes Penton Park a unique wedding venue? 
Without wanting to blow our own trumpet I think we do… we live, eat and breathe Penton Park, and take huge pride in delivering events of outstanding calibre. If your guests don’t walk away saying ‘wow that was one of the best weddings’ then we don’t feel we’ve done our job as well as we should. We don’t clock off at 5.30pm and we always work evenings and weekends (we believe the bride and groom should be able to visit when it’s convenient for them). In addition as we only hold, at present, a maximum of 12 events in a year each truly is special and unique, and one that we really care about. During your Penton Park experience you will meet our children and even our pets, you’ll feel the family home feeling from the moment you arrive – but prepare to be amazed at the transformation on event days! This will be seen first-hand on the 18th May once the lovely ladies from the Hampshire Bridal Boot Sale take over the house!

 photo 10250238_692041817520596_8493896015607121017_n_zps84b521c1.jpg

 photo 398346_534541463270633_1149543267_n_zpsdfab4e1e.jpg

Penton Park are on Facebook too! If you would be so kind, please help us welcome them into the Bridal Boot Sale world by liking their page and sharing with others.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Top Tips for Great Wedding Photography by Angela Ward-Brown

The work of Angela Ward-Brown never ceases to amaze us. We could look through oodles of her dreamy wedding photographs all day every day, which is why we are over the moon that she will be joining us again on Sunday 8th June at Manor Barn, Wiltshire.

Angela has given us her expert advice to share with you all, enjoy and take note! Over to you Ange...

Getting the most out of your wedding photography 

 photo db40e022-d5c5-423d-a528-32c3141f6a35_zpsc8fc9e0e.jpg

So, you’ve sorted your wedding photography. You’ve booked photographer who suits you, whose portfolio you love, who gets what you want for your images, and you’ve batted away the offers of free photography from that cousin of yours who has a good camera and takes nice pictures of cars (you are NOT a car. It’s a whole different ball game. In the same way I can’t make a Claire Pettibone gown because I have some really awesome & expensive needles, and once made a pillowcase). So what else can you do to make sure you get the most out of your investment? If you have chosen well, your photographer should have the experience, knowledge & skills to pull some great images out of pretty much any environment, but here are a few simple tips that can really help ensure they have the best scope possible for getting some kick-ass images for you.

-Think about timings. Scheduling a candlelit wedding at 5pm in January will look beautiful, but might really restrict the kind of images your photographer is able to provide after the ceremony. Also if you wish to have group shots, make sure you choose a small enough number so that your photographer can still get those candids you loved so much in their portfolio.

- Give your photographer time to do what they do best - work pockets of calm & quiet during the day where you can go away and take some of those gorgeous romantic images you have seen. If its a sunny day, that might mean doing some shots after dinner when the light is prettiest.

 photo 603954_10153317238830527_350556277_n_zps69d468a7.jpg

- Remember that your photographer might be working 12+ hours and will need a couple of breaks to recharge & be fed in order to be working at optimum for you. This might also need to be a time to download cards and prepare for the evening, so try & avoid splitting up your speeches and scattering them between meals (as sod’s law means this will coincide exactly when your photographers meal is served!).

- When planning things like table positions, remember that your photographer will need to move between tables during the speeches etc, give them room to do this. Also think about not putting the top table (or cake table etc.) in front of unattractive things like fire exit signs, DJ Booths or curtains.

- Try & stick to agreed schedules where possible - the first dance overrunning by an hour can be a bit of a nightmare for your tired photographer (and venue staff!).

But overall? Pick the right photographer for you and then trust them to work their magic - your job is only to have the the best day ever…

...Hop, skip and jump on over to Angela's Facebook page now to see more of her amazing portfolio.

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