Friday, 23 August 2013

Top Tips for your Stationery - make it yours!

We know all about how fabulous Paper Magpie are...they design the Hampshire Bridal Boot Sale posters, and we just love everything they do! Paper Magpie's superbly talented Sera gives us her top tips for how to make your wedding stationary rock...

Long gone are the days of italic black type on a crisp white card, your paper good for your big day can rock out as much as you like! Stationery is a great way to inject a bit of personality into your wedding day. Its essentially a big old blank canvas for you to fill with… whatever you want!

If you're having a theme to your day you can use this space to project that to your guests so they know what they're getting into - be it circuses or kitty cats! If you don't really want a theme and are sticking to florals or colours and type, why not add a little secret nod to you and your other half?

Adam and Rachel went for a gorgeous country tea party feel to their stationery and decoration but there is a subtly cute addition to their bunting - one leaf has a little game pad to represent Adams love of gaming and another leaf has a representation of the tattoo that Rachel has on her wrist! Along with a custom initial set which was placed around the stationery suite - it takes a pretty design and makes it personal!

Kate and Ed went for their names in scrabble letters and polaroid style photos of themselves on their stationery!

Another bride wanted to feature her dog on her place settings, so I made some bone shaped cards with a little portrait of Claude!

An illustrator like me will talk to you about your plans for your day and what you and your partner are like to find a bit more about what style you want! It could be the theme from your day or perhaps you're both keen surfers or have a pet you just can't leave out of your big day and want that to feature on your stationery - having your personality on paper is exciting!

I have a few big projects coming up which are going to be absolute reflections of the couples I am designing for! And I can't wait!

Tips for DIY!
If you're looking to make your stationery yourself there are lots of ways you can add a bit of personality!
Why not get some mini stickers from made with pictures of you both on and use them to seal the envelopes? Hunt through and get a personalised address stamp to use on the back of your RSVP's. Even has a service where you can personalise your stamps!

Whatever your choice of paper make sure it rocks!

Look out for my 2014 range launching soon!

Sera will be at Hampshire Bridal Boot Sale on 1st September at Cams Hall in Fareham. Make sure you stop and say hi!

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