Sunday, 4 August 2013

Top Tips For A Wedding Photobooth

We've been asking some of our most trusted suppliers for their top tips on their expert areas, so that we can share their wedding wisdom with you! Here the very lovely photographer Angela Ward-Brown shares her top tips, and things to consider if your considering a wedding photobooth.

So you want a wedding photobooth?

Wedding photobooths can be a great idea for adding extra life & fun into you wedding day.  They act as an alternative group shot, and are a great way of making sure that having friends & family photos doesn’t become a chore for anyone.  So, what do you need to think about...

Going pro or DIY?

There are bags of great photobooth suppliers out there offering products such as genuine vintage booths, modern digital photobooths, and portrait shoot-style set ups supplied by a photographer. Alternatively you could set up a camera on a timer, flash, tripod, props & backdrop & leave your guests to make photographic mischief on their own...

Whilst budget is always a consideration, if you do it yourself you need to bear in mind safety (make sure no one trips over that tripod!), skill (your possibly inebriated friends might take a series of fuzzy & oddly framed images, and it only takes one budding David Bailey to ‘improve’ the settings in order for things to go badly wrong), and supervision. That last point may seem a little stern, but I have presided over many photobooths which would have no props (and possibly no camera) left if I hadn’t been there to gently redirect a happily sozzled guest or two!  If you can afford it, a professional will ensure you get good looking photos of the right parts of your guests.


We have seen window frames, vintage fabrics, photographic backgrounds, old doors, streamers, glowing letters and lord knows what else used as photobooth backdrops - check out Pinterest for great ideas to guide you.  Personally I would love something like the elegant set up from Dawn Porter & Chris O’Dowd's wedding below; dreamy staging & big statement decoration with plenty of room for your guests to get funky!


This is a tough one.  If your wedding has a strong theme or identity, maybe go with that as your inspiration.  Or maybe just find some items that are frankly a bit odd & see what your guests do with them.  We have maybe seen more moustaches on sticks than we need to now, but hit the party supplies shop & see what takes your fancy.  Again here, Pinterest is our friend.  Maybe base it on your favourite TV shows or films? What is not to love about a Game of Thrones or Soprano’s style booth?  If you are hiring someone to do the booth for you, check what kinds of props they bring - if cheesy giant glasses & top hats aren’t your thing it could make a real difference, and your supplier wants you to be happy with the images as much as you do.


In my experience, the best time for a photobooth is in that time between the end of a meal and midway through the evening party - often venues need that time to change rooms so guests are ushered into alternative spaces with little to do, a photobooth proves very popular if you put it in the right place at the right time.  Maybe make some little tickets to prompt people that it exists if you have had to plant it somewhere else?

Above all a photobooth should be fun, creative and (I hate to say it) a bit organised!

Later in the year Angela will be launching a unique fine art photobooth concept involving photography processes from the 1850’s for your guests to keep as one of a kind, beautiful favours. Make sure you stop by and see Angela at the next Hampshire Bridal Boot Sale, at Cams Hall on 1 September, to find out more about this, and her beautiful photography.


  1. I am glad you shared these tips. But even DIY photo shoots are budget-friendly, I guess it is still better to hire professionals in taking pictures. This is to ensure that pictures will look great. And as said, you don’t want to have a friend take the responsibility of being the photographer and at the same time your guest, right?

  2. Thanks a lot for those ideas that you gave.This is a great way to add some interactive activities for your guests that also allows them to take home a personal photo favor. I wonder i could do it for my friend's wedding next month in south florida .Their guests will have a great time with photo booths at wedding.Will have a fun photo experience, all while adding a fantastic personal touch to his wedding.