Monday, 12 August 2013

Top Tips For a Wedding Abroad

New to the blog is REAL tips, tricks and advice from REAL brides... today, our pal and HBBS
regular Mrs Green shares her thoughts on getting married overseas.

Mrs Green married Mr Green in New York earlier this year - we can tell you first-hand it was the most beautiful day! Stay tuned as we'll be bringing you more on these NYC nuptials in the coming weeks!

Top Tips for getting Married Abroad
  • Work out what you want before you start to look, there will be some compromises but as long as the things that are really important to you are kept, you'll be fine.
  • Trust your instincts and only work with people you instantly feel happy with, there will be lots of emails pinging back and forth and having people who will answer quite quickly and help you as much as possible is really important.
  • Take recommendations, if you don't have personal ones use websites like Trip Advisor to get a feel for places and link up with them on social media sites so you can see what's happening with them currently.
  • Be organised! Work out what you need to do and what you need others to do/transport over for you in plenty of time so no last minute panics.
  • Take and send pictures, show people exactly what you want, this way there will be no confusion and no disappointment later.
  • Be nice! It might sound silly but getting stressed and going all Bride or Groomzilla on people isn't going to make them want to help you more and it's a whole lot easier to ignore emails so proof read all your mail and never press send when you're mad!
  • Make sure you know all the legal requirements, they vary a lot dependant on the country or even US state you're in, having somebody to help with this bit can be helpful and avoids last minute stresses.
  • Write off a couple of days before your wedding, the last minute details always take longer than you think, don't plan to be able to do anything more, then any exploring time you get will be a bonus!
  • Be realistic, make your life easier by trying not to take the 6ft cardboard cut out of you both on the plane! This applies to dress choices too, remember it needs to be stored somewhere on the plane!
  • Relax! Although we were so lucky and everything was perfect, by the night before I was completely calm and told myself the two of us and our friends and family are the most important thing about this day, if something isn't exactly as planned, just smile and enjoy everything that is right!
  • Enjoy and have's the biggest cliché in the book but it really is all over before you know it so remember to step back with your husband and take it all in on a couple of occasions.

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