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Top Tips for Choosing a Mother of the Bride Hat

We asked top Hampshire Milliner to give her top tips on choosing hats for weddings. Make sure you pass this link onto your Mother of the bride and groom to help them out with any hat related headaches!!

‘Whittle by Rachel Drewer’ © Angela Ward-Brown

So, your daughter or son is getting married and you need to find a hat.  Where to start?!  I know how it can feel when you’re faced with the big occasion, and you really want to look your best but are not sure how to.  Especially when it comes to hats.  Big ones, small ones, fascinators, flowers, feathers…  Does it fit, will it stay on, will I be able to see anything at all?  I know the task can feel overwhelming and impossible, so here are my top tips for choosing a hat to complement you and your outfit.

‘Horizon by Rachel Drewer’ © Angela Ward-Brown

Less Can Be More

Firstly, think about how much detail there is in your outfit.  A very plain shift dress will look great with a statement hat.  A busy outfit (think lace, patterns, multicolours) will look better with a simpler hat.  It’s better to create one focal point in your outfit and stick with it.  So, if your dress is doing the talking then perhaps don’t go for the flamingo print pineapple-shaped handbag.  Are you with me?

‘Will and Rebecca Ascot’ © Rachel Drewer

What’s Your Angle?

When trying on hats, ladies often plonk them in the centre of their head towards the back and then say “Hats just don’t suit me!”.  As a general rule, all hats look much better worn near to the face and at an angle – 45 degrees is a good starting point. It may feel unnatural at first, but trust me, it will look much better and you’ll be well on your way to hat wearing heaven.

© Highacre Studios

3 is the Magic Number

I don’t know why it is, but when faced with a smart occasion ladies often automatically go into monochrome mode and want to wear one colour from head to toe.  I’m talking lilac dress, lilac jacket, lilac bag, lilac shoes, lilac hat…  We’ve all seen it, but why??  I always encourage my clients to use at least 3 colours in their outfit and accessories.  This makes for a more stylish and natural look that adds interest and depth.  After all, you don’t want to look like you’ve come out of a box.  

Rachel Drewer Studio © Adrienne Photography

Rachel designs and creates hats and headpieces for brides and wedding guests.  She offers a bespoke service with tailored advice from her millinery studio in Tichborne, Hampshire, and also offers millinery workshops and hen parties.  For more information see

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