Monday, 19 August 2013

Real Weddings: Sterling Advice for Getting Hitched Stateside - Part Two

Here's the final instalment of Mrs G's story... she married Mr G in NYC's leafy Central Park back in May. See Mrs G's top tips for getting married abroad here.

See Part One here.

We knew we wanted to add some touches of our own to the decoration of the venue, it was such a pretty canvas but we wanted to personalise it rather than leave that to the place, so I set about finding details that would travel easily; light, compact, unruinable and then ignored the whole criteria when Rich came home suggesting we served our welcome drinks in glass coke bottles! I loved the idea instantly but realistically we didn't want to be traipsing around trying to find 40 bottles the day before the wedding so we set about drinking our body weight (great for the dress diet), washing and saving the bottles and packing them within our clothes and plenty of bubble wrap for a trip across the Atlantic! Remarkably, every single one arrived without a problem! The rest of our details were more sensible, lace table runners which were just strips of lace from eBay, they cost next to nothing and were beautiful and rustic.

Colm laid out the tables as we wanted them, measured them for us and I sent the sizes to the lace company who cut it to size for me, so they were ready to be used straightaway. When they arrived I was close to tears, they were better than I imagined! We ordered luggage tags from Vistaprint as our favours with the Knicks logo on, something our guests could keep, hopefully use, and were small and easy to pack. One of my favourite additions were our place settings which were pictures of our friends and family laminated on the back of a thank you poem. Where the arrival drinks were there was a poem that said; 'We're not all that traditional as we're sure you know, being married won't change that as this will show. We've travelled for miles with no space in our cases... So instead of a table plan, just find your faces!'

Everybody seemed to love the idea, it certainly made things easier from a packing perspective and it was another memory for guests to take home with them! Pictures are really special to us so using them here and having some hanging from string around also helped to personalise the venue without being difficult to transport.

We found our cake supplier via Google too, Molly's Cupcakes received rave reviews and wow, they were not unfounded! I think it was the best cake I have ever tasted! We ordered a big cake to be cut and shared out on the day but as an additional 'take home' we also had a selection of different cupcakes boxed up for our guests to take away with them, this made for a nice display and helped everyone later at night with their drunken munchies! Just as with Colm, Kirstin at Molly's Cupcakes ( was beyond helpful and this made me so comfortable with her fulfilling our order and rightfully so!

We were quite keen to do the planning majorly unaided but with the paperwork and ceremony logistics on the day, having somebody there to help really made things easier. Carol was lovely and helpful from the start, she met us on the Friday before the wedding and helped us to get our marriage licence and then gave us an itinerary for the wedding day. Carol also organised all our flowers as part of the package which were beautiful, arrived nice and early on the day and were really reasonable.

On the day, it was 26 degrees, the sun was shining and the ceremony went as smooth as clockwork ( it was nice and quick too) and when we walked into the venue, it was absolutely 100% how we'd imagined it in the weeks approaching our wedding, thankfully all our hopes and asks had been communicated perfectly and Tree couldn't have looked more perfect if I'd stayed up the previous night doing it myself! We had the most perfect wedding day and if we were going to do it again, wouldn't change a thing!

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