Monday, 13 May 2013

A Timeless Memento

Showcase video from Film Your Own on Vimeo.

Words by Charlie Waldron

 I’ve always loved the quote ‘a picture's worth a thousand words’; especially as it can be particularly apt for wedding photos. For example, the beautiful moment the groom first lays eyes on his bride, the flower girls giggling at the first kiss and a tear rolling down the father of the bride’s cheek. However, despite beautiful photos they can’t always capture the atmosphere and the ‘buzz’ surrounding the big day. Many brides I have spoken to have expressed the desire for their special day to be forever captured on film but this comes at a cost that doesn’t always take precedence on the long ‘to-do’ list especially as you could pay up to £3,500 for the pleasure.

So how do you capture your day on film without spending a chunk of your budget? The answer? Get the wedding party to capture it for you! There are now companies out there that will give you several HD cameras for your guests to film your wedding from their perspective, you then send them back and the company will edit your film, put music to it, add captions, whatever you like. And you don’t bear the cost, with prices starting at £349!

So if a picture is worth a thousand words, how many is a video worth? So, on that note I’ll leave you with a taster from a great company called “Film Your Own”.

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