Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Introducing... Victoria Fergusson

Next up in our 'Introducing...' series, we delve in to the exquisite work of local accessory designer Victoria Fergusson.

 photo Amalfiheaddresspound35000andEllingtonearringspound6400_zpsa9b1612d.jpg  photo AintMissbehavinheaddresspound32500andEllingtonearringspound6400_zps19f8b92e.jpg  photo Bridesheadbeltpound49500_zps954dc7a6.jpg  photo Charlestoncombpound14000_zps5271c958.jpg  photo Jazzheaddresspound39000Ellingtonearringspound6400_zps4224941e.jpg  photo AngelFaceCollarpound47500andGershwinearringspound7000_zps19fce5dc.jpg

Victoria has created a small but exquisite accessories collection for 2013. Every bead, sequin and gem is hand stitched from scratch by the designer from the studio in Salisbury, Wiltshire. Each piece is a small work of art.

By mixing beautiful materials and intricate beading techniques the designs are brimming with texture and pattern. There are recognisable influences from the Art Deco Period, William Morris Arts and Crafts and The Golden Age of Couture. 

Brides can choose from headdresses, hair combs, belts, brooches and more. Creating a themed ensemble or choosing a single statement piece, such as the newly created Peter Pan collars, a pretty and unusual accessory for brides seeking something a little different.

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