Friday, 31 May 2013

DIY: Chalkboard Table Plan

Our very own co-founder Karen (@thepeonytree) got married last year and has already sold lots of her items on at previous Hampshire Bridal Boot Sales. She loves a bit of crafting, so made a lot of different aspects of her big day, and over the coming weeks will be sharing some top DIY tips to have a handmade wedding on a budget.

I thought I’d share how to make the table plan I used for my own wedding, which was back in August last year. I knew very early on that I didn’t want an average out of the box table plan with calligraphy writing on little cards. I also knew I didn’t want to spend a whole lot of money on one either. So obviously the only choice was to DIY it and make my own.

We decided to write our table plan on a chalkboard, in a vintage style frame.

It is such a simple idea, and only cost about £15 to do, but we got so many complements on it.

1) Firstly buy a really lovely frame. Ours was from The Range and cost us about £7. Make sure you buy a frame big enough to write the names of all of your guests…it might help to plot out what you want to write on paper first to visualise how big you need to go!

2) Remove the glass from the frame – you are not going to need this for the table plan.

3) Next remove the back panel, and paint this with chalkboard paint. You can get this from most DIY stores (I think ours was actually from The Range…clearly a big wedding supplier for us!)

4) Once that has dried, put the back into the frame, and you are ready to write your table plan! We used a chalk pen, which was much easier to write over 70 names with than actual chalk!!

Top tip: Write your plan with the board inside the frame. There is nothing worse than writing it all and then realising that it doesn’t all show once you’ve put it all together!

You don't have to limit yourself to your table plan either - we made signs for our sweet table, and you could use it for table names, or place settings in smaller frames.

Photo by Darren Cresswell

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