Tuesday, 9 April 2013

DIY: Paper Pom Poms

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We love a tissue paper pom pom at Hampshire Bridal Boot Sale HQ, so we thought we'd share a quick and easy way to create your own. You'll need A4, A3 and A2 sheets of tissue paper, in which ever colour you like. Plus, lengths of thin, flexible wire and a pair of scissors.

Step 1: Take 8 sheets of tissue paper and fold in an accordion fashion, around an inch wide.

 photo IMG_0171JPG_effected_zps0e6a0088.jpg

Step 2: Once folded, trim the ends of the strip - we like cutting curved like a petal or pointed for a cool fringed effect.

 photo IMG_0173JPG_effected_zpsca8448cf.jpg

Step 3: Cut a piece of wire to around 6 inches long, create a loop and place in the middle of your paper strip. Twist the ends to secure - you use the ends to then attach or hang to decorate. Try attaching ribbon too for an ultra pretty look.

 photo IMG_0178JPG_effected_zps4daf7bf5.jpg

Step 4: We like to try out different colours and sizes of paper - mix and match complementary pom poms!

 photo IMG_0194JPG_effected_zpsfb3071a7.jpg

Step 5: Using the wire as a centre point, gently pull out the ends of the sheets of paper in to a fanned effect. Then, pull each sheet of paper away from one another to create the pom pom effect. Remember, gently does it!

 photo IMG_0182JPG_effected_zpsbe297a2e.jpg

If you get stuck, we found this great video to help you out.

  photo IMG_0192JPG_effected_zpsdd3ee6cb.jpg

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